“Wild as the Wind is an ode to the wilderness I feel inside myself – the parts of myself I don’t understand and have to grapple with,” comments HULLAH. “It’s about trying to make friends with your own insecurities,  worries, dread, hopes and desires – the things you don’t quite understand but that equally push and pull you in life nonetheless.”

HULLAH · Wild as the Wind

The track is HULLAH’s third release and is a follow-up to his sophomore single, Chasing Trains. Expanding on the soundscape Chasing Trains, the lush sonics of Wild as the Wind take the listener deeper, underground, into a colder and wider space.

Deviating from HULLAH’s usual fully electronic productions, Wild as the Wind is instead underpinned by a fleshy baseline that packs a gut punch. With guitars so distorted they’re almost synth like, a sense of warmness is felt by the isolation of these instruments and is a contrast to the iciness of the synths, melding together to create this sense of dejection felt in the lyric.


Speaking of the meaning behind the track, HULLAH explains: “There’s the ‘us’ that we present to the world and then there’s the ‘us’ that we are when we are alone, uncomfortably alone. That’s what I mean by wilderness, the space in between those two versions of yourself. Wild as the Wind is about not trying to contain this wilderness – it’s about truly seeing those aspects of yourself and attempting to accept and be at peace with them”.

HULLAH continues: “The song was initially written about two people in my life that were going through hard times. As I kept writing, I later realised that it also reflected my own experience navigating this wilderness I felt they were also battling with.”

Alongside his self-titled work, HULLAH writes and produces alongside other up-and-coming artists, most recently Gabrielle Ornate on her recent releases Spirit of the Times and Waiting To Be Found which have been featured in her live shows as well as on BBC Radio, and Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net.


HULLAH is a London-based writer-producer, sound designer and half of the electro-pop duo Futuretape. Born in the Midlands, he relocated to the capital in 2013 and creates music inspired by a passion for nightlife culture and stories from the queer community. Wrapped in the sonic flavours of trip-hop, 90’s house and synth-pop, HULLAH’s tracks emulate a nocturnal spirit and are complemented by the themes of city living, alienation, ambition and a sense of dejection – commonly expressed through his lyrics. His songs, both introspective and solitary, offer insight into how he navigates his way through the noise and distortion of everyday city life.