Futuretape is a musical exploration of what it’s like to have grown up online, what it’s like to always be connected to the world while simultaneously feeling disconnected from it.

Futuretape’s electro-pop sound, which brings together a love and understanding of timeless pop, disco and scenes like PC music, is framed by aesthetically pleasing visuals. The duo draw from vaporwave, synthwave and anime, fusing these together in a style that nods to the old but one that looks forward to the future.

Born in a small-town, Charley spent much of his youth feeling misunderstood by the people around him, both in his queerness and creativity. He moved to London to pursue music, where he met Nicole, a fellow singer-songwriter from Sicily, Italy in a performance class.

Their creative partnership and friendship sparked soon after when they were given a brief to create a new arrangement of Creep by Radiohead. Their unified desire to make bold pop music – and a shared feeling of disconnect from the world – led to Futuretape.

The duo, who write and produce from their makeshift bedroom studio, take inspiration from pop artists from across the decades – from Eurythmics to Charli XCX, from Madonna to Kim Petras.