Charley Hullah is a London-based, Midlands-born writer-producer, sound designer and half of the electro-pop duo Futuretape. His projects span electro-pop, synth-pop and music for theatre.

Charley, who creates under the his surname name HULLAH, is inspired to create music by a passion for nightlife and its culture. In his own releases he is inspired to create by artists such as Everything but the Girl, Real Lies, Portishead and Pet Shop Boys. 80s synth-pop and PC music inspire the character of the releases under his duo Futuretape.

Wrapped in the sonic flavours of trip-hop, 90s house and synth-pop, his work both feels and sounds nocturnal, and are complemented by the themes expressed in his lyrics: city living, alienation, ambition and a sense of dejection. His work is introspective and often solitary in tone and offers insight into how he navigates his way through the noise and distortion of everyday city life.

Before gaining a BA in songwriting at ICMP, a course that encouraged him to explore the relationship between production, sound and lyric, he produced tracks in collaboration with the Amy Winehouse Foundation through participation in the Amy’s Yard programme. Here, he gained an insight into prosody — how the timbre of production can match and support themes expressed within a lyric.

HULLAH also undertakes freelance design and social media work at the Music Managers Forum and the Artist & Manager Awards. In 2019 he created content (including teaser videos) and managed the social media channels during and leading up to the AM Awards night.

With his work at Cardboard Citizens, a company that supports vulnerable people’s development through theatre, HULLAH has created been a sound-designer and created numerous soundscapes for a number of their shows, including Violet Nights which takes place at the Southbank Centre.

Most recently, HULLAH has been running “Making Music from Nothing“, an online programme of music making workshops with Cardboard Citizens as part of their Act Now programme.