HULLAH releases ‘What if i feel like this my whole life’ from upcoming debut EP


HULLAH announces the release of his newest single, ‘What if i feel like this my whole life?’, on 31 May 2024. The track is the lead single from his upcoming debut EP, WAVESTATE, releasing later in this year, featuring a collection of self-produced songs and spoken-word soundscapes.

HULLAH, who lives with inflammatory disease ankylosing spondylitis, shares, “Living with an illness, I often feel a disconnect between my mind and body, something I try to bridge in my music. Music allows me to express my uncertainties and worries and helps me learn more about myself.” 

Wrapped in the sonic flavors of electro and synthpop, the track tells the story of what it’s like to be a millennial in a state of transition and change – from mental health struggles to ordinary anxieties around relationships and city-living. 

He adds, “Some days I’m mentally ready to seize the day but my body won’t let me. Other days I can be well in my body but my mind can’t follow – and vice versa. These experiences leave me unsettled and unsure and means I go looking for bigger causes of my mental and physical pain. Often it’s just a flare up and nothing more, but sometimes I uncover darker sides of my psyche in the process. That’s where this song is rooted.

What if i feel like this my whole life?’ emerged from these struggles and blends introspection with objectivity and a touch of melodrama. HULLAH concludes, “Self-awareness and a sense of humor often evolve from those living with a disease and disability – the latter make the days easier to battle. This song has helped me to make sense of what’s going on.”

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HULLAH is a London-based and midlands-born writer-producer and designer creatively driven by a passion for nightlife culture, city-living and stories from the queer community. His personal projects are inspired by artists such as Everything but the Girl, Real Lies, Christine and the Queens and Pet Shop Boys. Wrapped in electro, 90s dance and synth-pop, HULLAH’s work emulates a nocturnal spirit, and is complemented by themes of alienation, ambition and a sense of dejection. His work, though introspective, reaches outward in its delivery, inviting the listener to join the songwriter on a journey as he navigates his way through the noise and distortion of everyday life in a soundstage that comforts and surprises.


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